Hazelnut Rocher Entremet

₹ 450

A light, airy chocolate mousse resting on twin layers of textured hazelnut crunch and praline — all resting on a rich, soft dark chocolate sponge.

no refined wheat | no refined sugar | plant based

₹ 450

Key Ingredients: Hazelnut, Cacao, Coconut, Soy, Almond, Rice flour Tapioca, Amaranth

Contains nuts & soy. All our products are egg-free and dairy-free.

She's So Conscious

From the Double Chocolate and Flourless Almond, Orange & Jaggery Cake to the Berries & Chocolate Custard and Yuzu, Orange & Dark Chocolate Entremets, our She’s So Conscious collection is a homage to our long-time collaborators and vendors, who have helped us shape into a patisserie that celebrates the Earth in all it’s bountiful glory. Whether you’ve sworn off gluten, sugar, eggs or dairy, this collection ensures you can stick to that, without ever having to swear off the sweets. Because at Ode To Gaia, we work with magic, not compromises.