Pecan Pie

₹ 3600

This one is our founder, Naimita’s yearning without warning now in the form of a dessert — this one fills the large pecan-pie-sized hole in the vegan pastry space in India with a biscuity, nutty creation that’s hands down divine.

₹ 3600

Key Ingredients : All Purpose Flour, Soy, Coconut, Cocoa, Cornflour, Whole Spices, Pecan, Maple, Flax, Almond, Potato Protein.

Contains gluten, nuts, soy and refined sugar. All our products are egg-free and dairy-free.

Let It Glow✨

There’s a nip in the air — you know it, you feel it, and we bet you wait for it with bated breath, too. As do we, because winter is equal to the freshest bounty and the kitchen coming alive with the smell of candied fruits, sweet wines, lots of chocolate, strawberries and more.

This year, we have a hot take on the cold, cold holidays and are decking up a lot more than just the halls. Your favourite season gets a serious glow up with our Let It Glow collection. All you have to do? Dig in.