Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake

₹ 2000
New York Style Cheesecake| Gluten-free Graham Cracker Base | Raspberry Compote | 55% Whipped Chocolate Crème | Raspberry Ganache

This cheesecake has no refined wheat.
₹ 2000

Key Ingredients: Cashew, Soy, Coconut, Sugar, Cacao, Raspberry, Almond, Rice flour, Flax, Corn flour

Contains nuts & soy. All our products are egg-free and dairy-free.

She's So Extra

Extra is a term we embraced many moons ago, because it’s typically code for ‘a lot’ and we wouldn’t want you to have to go find ‘less.’ This transcends into our She’s So Extra collection, where thoughtfully, no, craftily designed desserts are made with a little help from wholesome ingredients and transformed into extravagant creations. Ultimately, finding their place under one roof as toothsome cakes masquerading as Pink Lemonade and Red Wine Raspberry, memorable assortments of fruit-shaped delectables imbued with the flavours of Lemon, Strawberry, Cacao and more, and macarons that come in neat little boxes and towers, because we believe in catering to all your moods. Take a bite — she’s extra, but also so so good.