Coming In Hot — Our Latest Collections

Coming In Hot — Our Latest Collections

Drop dead gorgeous pastry? Yes. But it’s more.

With a million odds stacked against us, we started Ode to Gaia in 2019, riding on a little garage space and a whole lot of conviction. The idea was never to serve delicious pastry — even though that’s exactly what reaches you in our exquisite boxes. It was always to reshape the way pastry was being looked at. So, we took the placid out of the plant-based, and with the help of technique and imagination, began building a business that would celebrate the earth (it’s in the name!), our people, the craft of patisserie and most importantly, an unbending outlook — towards sourcing and culture — that we knew would ultimately hold us in good stead. 

It has taken us a couple of years to grow into a leading plant-based patisserie that can dish out fetching, good-looking creations without ‘normal’ ingredients, like eggs and dairy. But when has normal ever been fun?

In a world of gift cards, be an Ode To Gaia hamper

Sometimes, the thought doesn’t count, or frankly, cut it. And that’s where our gifting range comes in. Smartly packaged assortments, pre-curated hampers and gift boxes of ritzy-looking treats for when you need a no-brainer answer to ‘How do I surprise the bestie?’. Whether you’re looking to express gratitude or feel like pampering someone (even yourself), our pre-set and customisable range is just the thing you need.

Why stop now? Explore our complete range

If the future is all about collaborations, let’s say, ‘We’ve Arrived’

Do too many cooks spoil the broth? Depends on the cooks, we think. We love joining hands with new forces and working on cool projects together.

Our work with like minded brands, such as Dior, Bally, Kate Spade, Papa Don’t Preach, Fae Beauty and Cosmix, is a testament to Ode To Gaia’s collaborative spirit and have all proven to be creatively satisfying endeavours. Looking for someone to be in cahoots with? We see you.