Imagined by Naimita Jagasia, Ode To Gaia celebrates the craft of Pastry, the earth and you

When we started inside a garage in 2019, Ode To Gaia was just the seed of an idea. At the time, our Chef-Founder, Naimita Jagasia, came without the weight of professional culinary training or a hospitality background. But what she did come with was a vision and an unputdownable spirit that knew it was possible to change the face of pastry in India. It has taken us 5 whole years to grow into the leading luxury, plant-based patisserie we are today, and we wanted to prove that it was possible to have it all. And have it all, we did.

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Women are often told they can’t have it all, but thankfully I wasn’t listening

Many moons ago, while tinkering with baking tools at my kitchen — at the time, inside a garage I remember wondering if my goal was too far-fetched… too much, even. I wanted to build a magical world of pastry that made room for everyone, no matter their dietary restrictions, while
also remaining true to my principles and pushing the envelope on creativity.

Indeed, I wanted it all. Five years later, I am happy to report that we made it happen. And the very first time I heard the words, ‘I can’t believe this is plant-based,’ I knew I was onto something.

From being able to provide a lactose-intolerant child their first taste of a cheesecake to building a women-led team that is surely redefining the Indian pastry scene, Ode To Gaia has become the abode of all my dreams and aspirations. It started with the simple idea of making quality, luxurious and cutting-edge pastry for everyone.

And in no small way, it has been an uphill task. It required me to constantly upskill on my techniques as a chef and business acumen as an entrepreneur and team lead. But I knew, in my heart, that the fruits of my labour will be sweeter than I could have imagined. They are a lot sweet, and a little sassy… kind of like me.

- Naimita Jagasia